Wise Sage
Eric Allen as Wise Sage

Played by:

Eric Allen[1]

First appearance:



Chris Bores


Human (Aladdin, 7up)



The Wise Sage is a recurring character on the Irate Gamer Show.


Unlike most of the other characters, Wise Sage is played by a different actor than Chris. Wise Sage is played by Eric Allen, one of Chris's friends.

Wise Sage was once a man named Eric (after the actor's name) who went to high school with Irate Gamer and Tony. At some point, Wise Sage died of sickness and came back as a ghost. Though dead, he continues to hang out with Irate Gamer, Tony and Irate Gamer's other friends on the show.

Wise Sage first appeared in Irate Gamer's "Contra" reviews, where he acted as a second player, since than he has appeared in numerous other videos such as the "Aladdin" review.

However, as of late, Wise Sage hasn't appeared on the The Irate Gamer show in over a year.


He is a parody of Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.


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