Played by:

Chris Bores

First appearence:

Home Improvement







Wilkins is a recurring character. Wilkins first appeared in the "Home Improvement" review, although in that video he was called "Wilson", as Chris'. Chris brought the character back in the 7 Up review and renamed him "Wilkins" so he could make him an original character as he explained in the comments section.

Wilkins is a reference to drug dealing as Wilkins frequently hides behind a fence. It is not known why he always hiding behind the fence but this most likely a play on the words "fencing" which means to deal in stolen goods. This is referenced by how shady he frequently acts.


  • The "inspiration" for this character is Wilson from Home Improvement.
  • He like Wilson is almost always seen behind a fence (the only exception is the Aflac auditions sketch video where he appeared wearing a turtleneck and sweater).
  • Unlike Wilson though, his fence appears to be mobile, as he is seen with it in Irate Gamer's house. Despite this though, he lives in a normal house that is right next to Chris's house

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