Played by:

Chris Bores

First appearence:

Home Improvement







Wilkins is a recurring character. Wilkins first appeared in the "Home Improvement" review, although in that video he was called "Wilson", as Chris'. Chris brought the character back in the 7 Up review and renamed him "Wilkins" so he could make him an original character as he explained in the comments section.

Wilkins is a reference to drug dealing as Wilkins frequently hides behind a fence. It is not known why he always hiding behind the fence but this most likely a play on the words "fencing" which means to deal in stolen goods. This is referenced by how shady he frequently acts.


  • The "inspiration" for this character is Wilson from Home Improvement.
  • He like Wilson is almost always seen behind a fence (the only exception is the Aflac auditions sketch video where he appeared wearing a turtleneck and sweater). Wilkins also gave advice to Chris that made no sense, similar to how Tim Taylor is often confused by Wilson's advice at times and tends to misinterpret it. 
  • Unlike Wilson though, his fence appears to be mobile, as he is seen with it in Irate Gamer's house. Despite this though, he lives in a normal house that is right next to Chris's house

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