Tony Rockenheimer
Tony animated
Tony in the Robocop review (part 2).

Voiced by:

Chris Bores

First apperance:

M.U.S.C.L.E Wrestling

Last apperance:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Chris Bores,R.O.B,Wise Sage


Human (animated)



Tony Rockenheimer (AKA Maple Story) is a character on the Irate Gamer show. A professional wrestler (later made a wrestling fan), and an imaginary friend of Chris.


Tony pixel

Tony in the Muscle review.

Tony first appeared in the Muscle review, where he acted as Chris's sidekick, in the review it was mentioned that he was a wrestler. Tony later appeared at the start of the Home Improvement review, only to run away when Chris asked him for help with playing/reviewing the game. In his first two appearances, he was basically a cut out sprite from the game MapleStory.

In later appearances, however, he is a hand drawn creation from Chris's friend and title card artist Datboidrew[1] who Chris Bores later ditched and never talked about again. Tony appears with his redesign in the Robocop episode. In that episode, it was revealed that he, Chris and Eric went to high school together and that both Chris and Rockenhiemer colluded on individual work and took direct phrases from Google to complete his assignment, obviously foreshadowing Irate Gamer's reputation as a video game reviewer. In the episode, it is Tony who rebuilds R.O.B. and makes him a good guy.


  • Tony's original last name, Lawler, was a reference to WWE wrestler/commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler, implying Tony was Jerry's son. How sad is it when you're the black sheep of the family compared to Brian?


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