The Robot War


1-3 (The Irate Gamer Show HD season 1)

Run time:

14:22 (episode 1)
11:47 (episode 2)
7:12 (episode 3)


7up Cool spot games (NES, Game Boy and SNES)
Robocop, Robocop 2 and Robocop 3 (NES)

Original date:

9 october 2010 (episode 1)
3 june 2011 (episode 2)
5 september 2011 (episode 3)


1 (The Irate Gamer Show HD)

The Robot War is the first arc in the Irate Gamer season four storyline. The arc consists of the 7up Cool spot, Robocop, and Robocop part 2 reviews. The arc features the introduction to the Shadow Overlord, as well as the revival and of ROB, who becomes a good guy thanks to Tony reprogramming him. The name of the arc was revealed when the He-man episode was refered to as the "robot war aftermath".


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The story starts with the Evil Gamer awakening his new master, the Shadow Overlord, an evil shadowy being who is trapped in a portal in a mirror, and wants to be freed so he can take over the world. It is later revealed that he was trapped in the mirror by a group of monks, and that IG is the "chosen one" destined to defeat him with the Sword of Inferno. Presumably, the Evil Gamer teamed up with The Overlord do to their mutual enemy ship with the Irate Gamer.

The Overlord asks Evil if he has anything to report, and so, he reveals that they are nearing an artifact that can free The Overlord from his prison. The Overlord tells Evil to sneak into Irate Gamer's house and steal his one of a kind enhanced Magnavox Odyssey (which contains the AI of HAL, who was killed in History of Video Games part 2B) so they can create an army of minions. Evil tries to sneak into IG's apartment disguised as an Italian pizza delivery man, he tells IG that his company is giving away free pizzas in exchange for Magnavox Odysseys . IG almost falls for this but sees through the disguise at the last second, and tells him to go away.

Evil returns later on, wearing a lab coat and a pair of sunglasses, he tells IG that people are giving away free Xboxes outside. Being a gullible man, IG falls for it and leaves Evil to steal his console. Evil takes the console back to the castle of evil, where he and the Shadow Overlord download HAL's AI into a robot body, creating a HAL bot known as RED. Over the next two weeks, RED, Evil Gamer, and Shadow Overlord create an army of similar looking robots before RED sends them out to take over Sandusky Ohio. Presumably they plan to kill IG so there is nothing to stop them. The robots begin taking people hostage. Meanwhile, Tony finds R.O.B.'s remains in IGs closet and rebuilds him, while also removing Evil's reprogramming in the process, this makes him a good guy and he single handedly saves the city by destroying all of the robots with the exception of red. Evil tries to stop ROB and make him evil again, but ROB shoots him.


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