I'm not sure how to edit this one Edit

I'm not sure how to edit this one since there's a significant amount of vagueness here

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This article contains plot details.

Chris Bores tells the viewers about Where's Waldo (also known as Where's Wally?) before talking about Where's Waldo? for NES and The Great Waldo Search for SNES.

In the NES game he complains about how to find Waldo and the game's ending, suggesting how it should be. In the SNES review, he likes the game better than NES game but criticizes that the game has too few levels, comparing it to Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country which have more levels. After the review, he destroys the video games with a shredder.

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See I don't exactly know what to do here. The spoiler warning is unnecessary since the plot text is vague. Chris Bores is again used in lieu of Irate Gamer. If it was a spoiler it should tell what IG said specifically about the ending. The way it is vague and doesn't need a spoiler. But an indepth coverage of the where's waldo video would be much more useful and informative but would certainly need a spoiler warning... I'm not gonna edit this one until I get clear Idea what kind of wiki we're gonig for here.

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