Rob robot
R.O.B (Robotic Operating Buddy) the robot is the name of a video game console that was used by Nintendo when they first started up. Nintendo is known for saving the video game industry after the second of two crashes it had. R.O.B was the first console they made and it played a big part in saving the industry, however, out of the 800+ games made by Nintendo back in the 8bit era, only two were made for the robot, Gyromite, and Stack-up.

On the The Irate Gamer Show, there is a living R.O.B that is one of the characters. Initally a one shot villain, he later became a hero and one of the most important characters on the show (right now he seems to be the Irate Gamer's sidekick and will most likely play a big role in the finale of the season four storyline).

The R.O.B on the show was once a normal, lifeless toy, like real life R.O.Bs, but the Evil Gamer brought it to life and made it follow his orders. R.O.B. was given the ability to fire powerful lasers from his eyes, capable of vaporizing robots in a single hit. Rob could also throw things with his arms, and fly using a jet system. The Evil Gamer then sent Rob to kill Chris Bores so he could take over his show and become a rich, famous internet celebrity. R.O.B. pretended to befriend Chris and acted has his second player during his Gyromite and Stack Up reviews. After the review ended, Rob tried to kill Chris. Rob came close to killing Chris with his lasers, but Chris, thinking quickly, grabbed a mirror and deflected the lasers back at R.O.B., destroying him.

During the Robot War, Tony found R.O.B.'s destroyed frame inside Chris's closet. Tony rebuilt R.O.B. and reprogrammed him into joining Chris and his friends. R.O.B. proved himself to Chris and earned his trust by stopping his former master from taking over Sandusky Ohio. R.O.B. destroyed all of the HAL Bots with the exception of RED, and shot and wounded Evil as he tried to make him evil again.

After the war, R.O.B. was seen with Chris when he received the Sword of Inferno, and sat by him as he reviewed He-Man for the Atari.

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