Predator is one of the villains of the show, the predator is the main antagonist in Irate Gamer's Predator review.


The Predator was hired by the Evil Gamer to assassinate Chris so Evil could take over his show.

The Predator spent most of the video watching IG through a thermal effect (Which is NOT a piece of advanced alien technology at all and is provided by FLIR Systems, Inc.) while being cloaked. Though considering that Chris never really looks at the predator, its possible that Chris just lacks peripheral vision. The Predator revealed itself at the end and tried to declare Chris as being unworthy of the hunt. Chris dodged the beam that declared him a non-threat and attacked the Predator. The predator refused to kill Chris as he was not worth of the hunt allowing Chris to use his hypocritical pacifism martial arts style to maximum effect. Irate Gamer soon over-powered the Predator, defying audience expectations and causing more unsubscriptions, killing it with its own gun in a heavily plagiarized camera angle sequence.


  • This predator was named preauditor by batdamn.
  • The predator displays none of his trademark super-strength or gadgetry. The beam doesn't even destroy the bookshelf behind it. This is a clever hint that the predator did not judge Irate Gamer worthy of being hunted.


PREDATOR - The Game Review - The IRATE Gamer

PREDATOR - The Game Review - The IRATE Gamer