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File:600px-Ambox padlock red.svg.pngFile:6967084024 9b47fc0c46 m.jpgFile:7up Spot Video Game Review - - The Irate Gamer Show HD Ep 1
File:ALADDIN SNES Review - THE IRATE GAMERFile:Anti-semitism.jpgFile:Avoid-the-noid.jpg
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File:DECK the HALLS - Ronnie the Skeleton Holiday Christmas Music VideoFile:DVDcover1.jpgFile:Deforestation.jpg
File:Dept-rblue.gifFile:Die Hard - NES Review Nintendo Game - Irate Gamer HD Ep 7File:Die Hard - NES Review Nintendo Game - Irate Gamer HD Ep 7-0
File:Drakkhen.gifFile:Drugs Drugs Drugs Which are good? Which are bad?File:Dumbass1.gif
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File:Robocop 2 & 3 NES Game Review IGHD Ep. 3File:Robot Chicken Alien Front LineFile:Ronnie Skeleton.jpg
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File:Springtime for Hitler by professorhojo.jpgFile:Stalin vs Martians OST - All Hail StalinatorFile:Stalin vs Martians OST - All Hail Stalinator (90s remix)
File:Star Trek NES Review - Ep 9 (into darkness) - Irate Gamer Show HDFile:Sticker,375x360.pngFile:Stopstocheat 3781.png
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File:The IRATE Gamer - Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom NES-0File:The IRATE Gamer - JAWS NES nintendo Game irategamerFile:The IRATE Gamer - TMNT Ninja Turtles NES Video Game Review
File:The IRATE Gamer Show- Yo Noid Video Game ReviewFile:The IRATE Gamer Show - Nintendo Muscle Review (old version)File:The IRATE Gamer Zombies Ate my Neighbors
File:The IRATE Gamer show - Back to the Future ReviewFile:The Irate Gamer's Game Genie.pngFile:The Irate Gamer's Game Genie (Aladdin).png
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