Game Genie
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Brad Harp as Game Genie in the episode Aladdin

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Brad Harp (Aladdin)
Chris Bores (Silver Surfer)


Wise Sage
Chris Bores





The Game Genie is a character on the Irate Gamer Show.

He is a parody of both the Genie from Aladdin, and the concept of Game Genies, he is a genie who can grant wishes to his owners that will affect both the real world and the game world.


The Game Genie first appeared in the Irate Gamer's Aladdin review, and was sealed up inside of an Aladdin video game cartridge. He was freed by Irate Gamer and the Sage, who just happened to accidentally stumble onto it while they were searching a desert for a secret cave full of lost treasure using a map that Sage foolishly bought from a con artist.

Upon being freed from the cartridge he grants Chris's first wish by returning him and The Sage home. The Irate Gamer reviews the game, and uses his second wish to skip ahead to the last level. The Genie also grants Sage's first two wishes by making him human again, and would do so second time after Eric somehow dies again. At the end, The Genie almost kills Irate Gamer with a snake when he (unknowingly) uses his last wish to get "more of a challenge" after Irate Gamer finds the final boss to be easy. After Eric is killed once again when the snake falls on him, he, as the sage, uses his last wish to make it so they never met The Genie. The Genie grants the sage's wish, but secretly hides in Irate Gamer's Game Genie device so he can use it as a new home and plot revenge on them.

Game Genie Chris

Chris Bores as Game Genie in the episode Silver Surfer.

Three years later, the genie returned in the Silver Surfer review. Chris (somehow remembering The Genie despite his memory being erased) rubbed his Game Genie device so that The Genie would come out and help him with the game. The Genie now appears to be on good terms with him despite their past relationship, even helping him with the game by granting him unlimited lives. The Genie later ran off scared when the Pixel Demon appeared. This is the first time he is actually called the "Game Genie", in his first appearance he was just "a genie".


In his first appearance he was played by Chris's friend Brad Harp, in his second appearance, he was played by Chris himself. On his Facebook page, Chris explained that Brad had moved away, which is why he had to play the part.[1]


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